Looking for Vampire Snape fics

Looking for Vampire Snape fics... anything remotely interesting or well written.... well any that might seem worth reading... or are excellent in your opinion. I'd really like to read a good vampire snape story.
thankyou for any assistance in advance.

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Reflections and Apologizes

Title: Reflections and Apologizes

Disclaimer: Poor graduate student/intern here. Do you really think I own Harry Potter?

Summary: "If that little idiot thought that he was going to be able to skate through on his fame in his class, he had another thing coming."

Rating: T for Teen

Beta: Tigerbear1217

Relationship: Teacher/Student, G/C

A/N: This is actually a story that sprang from marionros  on to my post of What Might Have Been about how the movie contaminated how disrespectful Harry was in the book and how anyone with eyes could see that Severus was the good person while Harry was the bad one. (That is the simplified version) In the review she/he stated that Harry owed Severus something at the end of the year. (I'll let you read to figure that one out.)

Anyhow, I could not get that comment out of my head and… well this is the product of that review. So marionros , here is somewhat the story you stated you wanted to see. And for all you waiting to read more of What Might Have Been…. I'm working on the second story as we speak.

So on with the story!

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Beta Search

I am looking for a beta for my nonslash SSHP. It is a dramatic, h/c, and a bit angsty though not dark. It is finished, at 19 chapters and 45,000 words.

Any takers? Please?
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What Might Have Been: Catalyst

Title: What Might Have Been: Catalyst

Author: Nightshade sydneylover150

Rating: T for Teen

Disclaimer: I’m a poor grad student in the field of mental health, do you really believe that I would be poor and struggling to pay off loans if I owned these two wonderful characters? Trust me, I wouldn’t! ;<D

Summary: What if during that fateful potions class Snape had looked down at the paper.

Warnings: AU and movie based for the first scene

Beta: Thank you to Charmedlily for betaeing this story!!!

A/N: Please read and review.  Flames will be laughed at and constructive criticism will be welcomed with open arms.  


Without futher ado, on with the story!!!


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Help finding a fic?

If this isn't allowed please just delete this post.

I had a rather bad virus on my computer and thus lost all my saved favorites...*bangs head against the wall*
I've found most of them but there's one I was in the middle of reading that I can't find and it's driving me crazy.
I was long, over 40 chapters I believe and on but it might be on potions and snitches as well. Harry stays with Snape the summer after forth year to work on his occlumency after Snape goes to check up on him at the Dursley's to find out why he did underage magic and finds him badly beaten.(The Dursley's made him preform a glamor charm to try and hide it)
Snape has a big homey mansion (much to Harry's surprise) and a house elf with an M name (the fic would be so much easier to find if I could just remember the house elf's name,something along the lines of Maria or Mara I think) Harry has nightmares and Snape will often sit up with him and the have tea together if Harry doesn't want to go back to sleep. The scene that takes place at the beginning of the 5th book with the dementors and Dudley takes place with two local bully's who are trying to rob Harry instead and Harry's so determined to save them he's almost kissed but Snape saves him.
Snape is "punished" by Voldemort with some kind of slashing curse on his arm and when Harry wakes up and finds him like that he helps him heal it even though Snape tries to make him go back to bed. Harry has a "playdate" with Ron, Hermione, and Ginny. Harry starts thinking of the mansion as home and Snape starts think of Harry as his son (and of course there idiots about this, Snape more so than Harry) Where I left off Snape had just bit Harry's head off because he "realized" that Harry could never want him as a father and that he is always destined to want what he cannot have(Snape angst!^^) and Harry was going to try to talk to Ron and Hermione to figure out what he did wrong to mess things up with Snape.

If anyone can help me find it again I'll love you forever^^
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Weekend Update for August 7, 2010

Sorry for the slight delay in posting to the LJ community.

Weekend Update for Aug. 7, 2010
Compiled by: sweets2


Guardians-Teacher Meeting by Lia
Summary: Dursleys are forced to attend Guardians-Teacher meeting at Hogwarts. What secrets come out?
Categories: Teacher Characters: !Snape and Harry (required), Petunia

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Weekend Update for July 31, 2010

Weekend Update for July 31, 2010
Compiled by: sweets2

Happy Birthday to Harry Potter and the wonderful creator J. K. Rowling.


Harry's Deal with the Dursleys by ailishmckechnie

Challenge: Harry, tired and frustrated with the chores, abuse and neglect from
the Dursley's, and Dumbledore's attempts to control his life and to make him
into the perfect weapon by isolating him, decides to makes a deal with the
Dursley's: He will move out, pay them a hefty fee to not mention anything to
anyone about him leaving and he'll never darken their doorway again. They
agree... The what, who, how and why's between events is up to you! (Possible
during Summer before sixth year)

Categories: Guardian, Mentor, Teacher Characters: !Snape and Harry (required)\

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Weekend Update for July 27, 2010

Weekend Update for July 27, 2010
Compiled by: sweets2


Illicit Use by Jan_AQ Summary: Snape discovers that Harry has been involved in
some illegal activity, for example either illegal drugs or potions. How does he
find out? What does he do about it?
Categories: Teacher, Apprentice, Brothers, Comrades, Enemy, Father, Healer,
Guardian, Mentor, Reverse Characters: !Snape and Harry (required)\

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Fic finding

There was a fic on fanfiction a number of years ago that I cannot seem to find anymore. The majority (or at least the last part) of the fic was about Snape carring for a practicaly autistic Harry in the guise of teaching chemistry in in a muggle summer school. Harry lived under his desk while he was teaching and there was a scene in it where Snape took Harry to the park where he could play and makes friends with an eight year old. The kid's mother talks to Snape about Harry's disability which was caused by some sort of accident. I believe that paticular arch ended with one of Snape's muggle students taking the class hostage- where Harry's magic reacts and disarms him.

If anyone knows the name or ID of this fic I would greatly appreciate it =)

Thank you much!
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Weekend Update for July 21, 2010

Weekend Update for July 21, 2010
Compiled by: sweets2 (again everyone sorry for the big delay)


New Timeline by omega13a


When Harry meets with Dumbledore at King's Cross in Deathly Hallows, Dumbledore tells Harry when he goes back, it will be to the moment he first came into existence. Dumbledore tells him it is because too many good people have died and would like to prevent those deaths while allowing Harry some time with people who love him and will let him be a kid. When Harry is reborn in the new time line, much to his surprise/horror/whatever, Severus Snape is his father. Turns out Severus had also been given a "second chance" and ended up marrying Harry's mother Lily and is not a death eater. Can Severus and Harry work together to make a better time line?

Bonus points if you do one or more of the following:

In this new time line, Severus, not wanting to be associated with Death Eaters, told the sorting hat when he was "resorted" anywhere but Slytherin, ended in Gryffindor and at least on good terms with the four Marauders.

Before Harry is re-born, a healer says something is odd to Severus and Lily when Lily goes in for a routine checkup. Something along the lines that their unborn child has three biological parents (Severus, Lily, and James).

The prophecy is different in the new time line.

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