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No news is good news, right?

The Potions and Snitches website has been down since the beginning of January 2015.

I am still waiting to hear from animealam, our website account maintainer. She pays for the hosting and for the domain name. I believe the domain name just expired. Once I hear from her I will see about transferring ownership to myself so we won't have this happen again. I am hoping she is okay. Worst case scenario we buy a new domain/host and load the last saved database and stories we have and make up what we lost from there. I will likely wait another month or two before doing something so drastic. Hopefully we won't have to. I will work on getting the current database and files from the servers as soon as I can figure out how to log into the admin without needing to go through the www.potionsandsnitches.net domain. In any case, Potions and Snitches will not die so do not worry about that. :)

In the meantime we still have the fanfiction.net P&S community group for Potions and Snitches-like fics. You can visit it here: https://www.fanfiction.net/community/Potions-and-Snitches/182/

For New stories: https://www.fanfiction.net/community/Potions-and-Snitches-New-Stories/231/

Feel free to advertise Snape and Harry Gen fics (no slash!) on the forum, the yahoo group, and the LiveJournal group.

Our Yahoo group: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/PotionsandSnitches/info

Our LiveJournal Group: http://potionssnitches.livejournal.com/

Fanfiction.net forum: https://www.fanfiction.net/forum/Potions-and-Snitches/1146/

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P&S Down

It looks like our host is having problems and as such the P&S website is down. We'll update you when we know more.


Edit: 1/9/15
The site is still down. We have are still trying to get in contact with animealam, the person who has the website account with the host and pays for the site.

Edit: 1/11/15
Still no news. It may be that our domain name itself has expired and just needs to be renewed. Still trying to get in contact with animealam.

Edit: 1/12/15
Still no news... we don't have any idea of when it will get back up. Whenever animealam checks her neglected e-mail and looks into it, I suppose.
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Site back up

Hi everyone, Potions and Snitches is back up.

Per animealam on the site news:

"We are experiencing some problems with the webhost, and I'm looking into it. It appears we are somehow overloading the server, and the account was suspended. I'm working on it, although I have yet to find what is causing this, as traffic to the site has been lower than it was last year.

Please be patient, and do not upload any new chapters until further notice as I'm going to do a full backup and run a few tests. I will turn off submissions.

Also, if any of you use a downloader like the Calibre Fanfictiondownloader plugin, the web version of it, or any other, I'll like to know, as this might also be the reason why we are overloading the server. Collapse )

We think it may be a possibility that the overload was from people downloading all the stories from the site. The first warning was sent Friday. We blocked all the google bots and such to see if that helps.

We always keep backups of the site, saving all the stories and reviews and such periodically. Do not ever worry about loosing all the stories. We will always reopen the site on different servers if need be. If the site ever goes down in the future, do not panic. It will be back up.

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Tortured by Death eaters, rescued by Snape and Healer Ron

Im again in search of another Harry/Snape(Healer maybe) Gen fanfic and really need your help. I had read this story ages ago but will try to point some general points.
I think in this story harry was captured and tortured by death eaters and Severus rescued him. He got some fatal disease (cancer... maybe?). Severus got quite affectionate for him. Im not sure what happens then but Sirius, remus, fred, george, Nevile and ron were superly protective of him. And there was a scene when the golden trio was leaving railway platform for home(Harry was adopted by Severus or Sirius by then) Vernon arrived their and started to shout and manhandle Harry despite the fact that Harry was not going to Privet Drive. And then when weasley siblings + Hermione and Harry were sleeping on the floor in same room Vernon somehow abducted Harry without alerting anybody. Ron somehow noticed and when they found Harry he was really in bad condition(Vernon had tied his hands with iron thorned wires). Harry again got recaptured and tortured by Death-eaters and got pretty bad scarring(not sure but maybe got blind due to some potion). In the end Voldemort attacked Hogawarts and cast the killing curse to Harry after some crucios and hurtful taunting. The curse rebounded and killed Voldemort. Everybody thought that Harry had died but he was in fact kept alive secretly and after some day with the help of Healers his cancer was destroyed.
There were also many sequels an in a sequal:
Harry did something silly and he was expecting punishment from Sirius as it shows that parents love their children. But Sirius being Sirius didnt gave him as it will make him a less cool parent-figure. In some scene Severus shouted on Harry and never apologize, Ron and Hermione started dating so Harry felt that he was unloved. Also Harry was being treated by a healer who turned out to be Malfoys follower (Malfoy was turning into another Dark Lord). So naturally the potions turn out to be slow poison. Harry somehow again captured by Malfoys Goons and together with Draco maybe ran from Malfoy Manor. Short story, Harry got in coma and the Mungo's Healer told that Harry didnt wanted to live so he will not survive. Oh! and in the end Ron becomes Harry's Healer.

Harry potter captured and tortured by death eaters.

I I had been trying to find this story for ages but cant find it.
so your help will be really appreciated.

This is the harry potter captured and tortured by death eaters along with Snape fanfic.
There Harry and Snape developed some bond (not slash!) and began to respect each other.
I think the whole story in that fanfic revolve around their torture plot. And, I think one of the death eater used some cursed knives on harry that will never heal and will reopen from even a scratch. In the end they were able escape but Peter Petigrew casted the killing curse on Harry and Snape thinking Harry died took his body to Hogwarts. But somehow Harry had survived the curse and his horcrux was destroyed.
Their was also a sequel in which harry glamoured as Snape's Nephew or son lived in hogwarts and was mistreated by Ron. Their were also some other sequels of this story.
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Snape’s Guilt

Title : Snape’s Guilt
Characters : Snape, Harry
Genre (s) : Family, Friendship
Rating : K
Summary : "Daddy was very sad," Harry whispered in his low tone he thought only he and Teddy could hear. Apparently not. Sirius snickered and Lupin sent Snape a sympathetic smile. Snape glowered at his son, who didn't know it and kept talking with Teddy.
Disclaimer : Harry Potter isn’t mine.
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I Need Some Help!!!

Hi, I just need some help finding what may or may not be two stories. I can't remember if it was all one or I've mixed two together. The story has a scene where Severus was hurt badly and stays at Private Drive. Some things happen but it ends up with Severus fighting Dursley breaking a table and rushing Harry away to his own home. No one knows what happened but Dumbledore performs a spell that shows what happened in the house. Sirius is still alive in it. There is another scene that may be the same story or not where Harry has to go to the ministry for dealing with dementors and Snape looks like Mr. Weasley and puts up with Mrs. Weasley kissing him. This was random but does anyone know this story?

Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!! Love everyone!!!!
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Pop up advertising???

Has anyone else experience odd pop up advertising at ffnet? Some are annoying and some are very offensive. I don't ever have that at P&S. Is it the site or the author? Any helpful hints at stopping this would be appreciated. Thanks