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Weekend update for May 23

Weekend update for May 23rd
Put Together By Scorpia

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Random Challenge

    The Rita Skeeter Challenge
    by Keina
    Authors Summary: Challenge Summary: Snape adopted Harry or is thinking about it, and the two of them have been living together for some times and get along really well. However, Snape is lonely and by chance, starts to date... Rita Skeeter. Will Harry be able to deal with a woman invading his perfect life with his father? Bonus if Rita Skeeter is really in love!

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New Stories

The Boogeyman
by EBWelsh
Authors Summary: A seven year old Harry shocks a very annoyed Potions Master.
Rated K+

by xoAngelicDemise
Authors Summary: Harry has one last request before he goes off to fulfill his destiny; he wants Snape to make it easy for him to choose what is right. He wants him to make sure that no student has to face abuse alone, as he so often did. –Set in the beginning of 6th year, AU.-
Rated K+

Return to Prince Manor
by Snapegirl
Authors Summary: A new year means new perils and friendships for Harry, as he faces the Triwizard Tournament, a vengeful Dark Lord's return, and must try and master the secrets of Prince Manor. Can his family and friends help him succeed? Sequel to Heir to Prince Manor!
Rated T

by Attackfish
Authors Summary: A Death Eater meeting brings into focus James Potter's place in Voldemort's new society.
Rated T

Sequel to Broken Wings! Harry & Severus quest for the remaining Horcruxes. Can they fulfill the prophecy of Two Hawks Hunting and destroy Voldemort forever? AU, pre-HBP, HBP/DH noncompliant! No slash, mentor/guardian fic!
Rated T

Cat's Eye View
by Baghi
Authors Summary: Sequel to 'Strange day in the Kitchen Corridor', Harry is subjected to a curse from Malfoy. His Uncle is not pleased. Harry sends a request for help, which is answered by Minerva McGonagall, and none other then Severus Snape.
Rated T

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New Chapters
------------ -

The Final Breeze
by grugster
Authors Summary: Harry cannot forget Sirius' death and feels guilty. When all the pain becomes too much, he decides to end his life. Will someone be able to stop him? Warning: explicit description of self harm, suicide attempt in ch.1
Rated 16+

Is Anybody Out There?
by KimSpiritTalks
Authors Summary: Harry embarks on a journey of self discovery. He's gifted with incredible friends and a loving old mentor, but something's missing. Follow along with Harry as he discovers himself and the world around him. Share with him his trials and tribulations, joys and discoveries as he finds his way into a new life where he's accepted and perhaps even loved. Entry in the 2009 Challenge Fest. In response to the Field Trips Challenge by hjmarsh.
Rated T

by Fatglamour
Authors Summary: Sequel to Cry: Just being loved, having a true family doesn't make life easier for the Boy Who Lived. Welcome to another year, perhaps even more frightening than the first.
Rated 16+

Harry and His New Family
by grugster
Authors Summary: Harry is getting abused by his relatives. When Snape and his wife find out about it, they adopt him. So now he has two little twin brothers and a caring family to cope with.
Rated K+

Harry Potter's Parent Trap
by Phoenix Phyre
Authors Summary: Severus and Lily are divorced and Harry tries to get them back together. Entry in the 2009 Challenge Fest. In response to the Parent Trap Challenge by Ponytail Goddess.
Rated K

Shattered Green Glass
by Asparas
Authors Summary: During the summer before the beginning of fourth year Harry finally cracks under the pressure. Who will put him back together? Warning: Drug Abuse, Self-Mutilation, Paranoia, Convulsions, Insomnia and, one Suicide attempt.
Rated 16+

Life as Dictated by a Talking Hat
by RhiannanT
Authors Summary: Before Harry arrives at Hogwarts, the faculty have a meeting and decide that Harry will need a mentor to help him adjust, keep him out of trouble, and make protecting him easier. They decide that this person should the Head of the House into which Harry is sorted, presumably Minerva McGonagall. But things, of course, don't turn out as planned, and Harry is harder to deal with than anyone expected. Nobody asked him if he wanted a mentor, after all...
Rated 16+

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