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Weekend update for Dec 13th

Sorry, last week's Weekend Update got lost in my inbox during finals. I'm posting it here now, and also I will post this week's Weekend Update in a second post.

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Weekend update for Dec 13th
Put Together By Scorpia

------------ -----
Random Challenge
------------ -----

    by Jan_AQ
    Summary: 6th year: A time for NEWT preparations, friends, romance,
    life altering decisions... and re-inoculations. Guess who is helping
    out in the infirmary when Harry comes in to get his?

    Respond to challenge here!

New Stories

A Wolf in Winter
by Snapegirl
Authors Summary: A mysterious encounter with a silver wolf teaches
Harry and Severus an important lesson.
Follow up to my one-shot, Snowflakes and Memories.
Rated K+

The Christmas Cobra
by wellyuthink
Authors Summary: A Christmas-y fic that was inspired by the challenge
made by Foolish Wishmaker. Harry is left alone at Hogwarts for
Christmas, during his seventh year. Bored and lonely, he tries to
find something to occupy his time and ends up (as usual) in trouble.
Can Snape help him out?
OotP compliant.
Rated K

------------ -
New Chapters
------------ -

Like My Father
by Quipped to Death
Authors Summary: Harry wants more than anything to be more like his
father. In an attempt to change himself something goes wrong and he
ends up in the care of his hated Potions Master. Can they form the
bond Harry has longed for his whole life?
This story is AU and will not be following canon.
Rated T

Before the Dawn
by jharad17
Authors Summary: Sequel to Walk the Shadows. After a horrific summer,
Harry seems to be recovering from his ordeal, with the help of Snape
and Lupin, as well as his friends, including, oddly enough, Draco
Malfoy. But appearances can be deceiving.
Rated 16+

Know Thyself
by wellyuthink
As the clock strikes midnight on Harry Potter's fourteenth birthday,
the reflection of a strange boy appears in Harry's window. What
unusual news does he bring? And why does this stranger appear to be
none other than Harry himself?
Rated T

The Teddy Bear
by Dina
Authors Summary: A few snapshots of how Severus would have dealt with
Harry in a Corporal Punishment Harry Potter Universe. AU First Year -
contains spanking. I think it's sweet despite the pain: Please don't
read if you don't like it.
Rated K

Sectumsempra - The Consequences
by Asterix Tutnix
Authors Summary: Having cast the Sectumsempra spell on Malfoy in HBP,
Harry has to deal with the consequences. The story is written from
Harry's perspective and starts in the bathroom directly after the
curse hit Malfoy and Snape rushed in and healed him.
Rated K+

Sectumsempra - Snape's Perspective
by Asterix Tutnix
Authors Summary: After Harry cast the Sectumsempra spell on Malfoy in
HBP, Snape sees it as his responsibility to make Harry feel the
consequences. The Story starts in the bathroom directly after the
curse hit Malfoy and Snape rushed in and healed him. This version is
written from Snape's perspective.
Rated K+

Lily's Charm: The Gift
by ObsidianEmbrace
Authors Summary: Sequel to Lily's Charm. After Voldemort's defeat,
Severus and Harry struggle to overcome the shadows he left behind.
Rated 16+
Harry's New Home
by kbinnz
Authors Summary: Sequel to "Harry's First Detention" - read that
first, please!
Rated K+

Harry's New Home
by kbinnz
Authors Summary: Sequel to "Harry's First Detention" - read that
first, please!
Rated T

Dance Of The Basilisk
by Muggle49
Authors Summary: Sequel to 'Almost Cheaper By The Dozen'. Harry and
Severus are back with a very large family. Are they ready to face the
second year adventures?
This story is AU and NOTE: Contains "Spanking" of teens. If this
bothers you DON'T read.
Rated T

A Place for Warriors
by owlsaway
Authors Summary: Snape and Harry are locked in the Room of
Requirement by Dumbledore. Harry's magic works, and Snape's doesn't.
Will they kill each other? In response to the 72-Hour Challenge.
Rated T

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