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Weekend update Nov 8th

Weekend update for Nov 8th
Put Together By Scorpia

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Random Challenge
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    On a Halloween Night
    by Missy Eye
    Challenge Summary: *First-Third year* All the First Year students
    have been told that a certain Potions Master is a Vampire but only
    three students are willing to venture into Severus Snape's private
    chambers. What secrets will the Golden Trio find out about the
    mysterious Severus Snape, on a Halloween night?

    Respond to challenge here!

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New Chapters
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The Last Gift
by Keina
Authors Summary: Harry receives a very special gift for his 16th
birthday, which quickly comes in handy when things get really bad at
Privet Drive this summer. But when he finds refuge at Snape's,
everything starts to get complicated. ..
Rated 16+

Burnt Out
by writeurlife
Authors Summary: Response to Burned Hedwig Challenge... After blowing
up his aunt, Harry's uncle abuses him farther than his mental
capacity can stand. Even his cousin is concerned, and sends a letter
by way of owl "To Whom It May Concern" pleading for his cousins sake
for help. But Harry needs more than to be taken from his family. He
needs to gain the will to live.
Rated 16+

Atoning The Past
by Lupins Mistress
Authors Summary: "...I am not your father. I will not act like your
father. I do not care for you, Potter, and I will not be a parent to
you..." ...Harry was more than ready to agree with that and nodded as
he finished the drink he had been sipping at nervously.
It has been often said that a father and son can overcome anything,
that family can overcome anything as long as there is love between
them...but what if there isn't love but only hate? In a time of war
most rely on their family and friends, but who can Harry rely on when
he can't tell his friends that Severus Snape is his father?
Especially with how curious they are of his secrets already. It isn't
like he has Snape, anyway...to Snape he isn't more than just a burden
after all, right? So in his time of need who can Harry turn to? Who
can help him as he completes the task that was set on him?
Rated T

An Uncertain Future
by Pandora
Authors Summary: After the final battle, Harry goes back into Snape's
memories. What he finds, shocks him and turns what should have been
his happiest days, into a living hell.
Rated T

Before the Dawn
by jharad17
Authors Summary: Sequel to Walk the Shadows. After a horrific summer,
Harry seems to be recovering from his ordeal, with the help of Snape
and Lupin, as well as his friends, including, oddly enough, Draco
Malfoy. But appearances can be deceiving.
Rated 16+

by ObsidianEmbrace
Authors Summary: When Umbridge subjects Harry to the Cruciatus, Snape
intervenes, veering not only his own life off its intended course,
but Harry's and Sirius' as well, spawning tragedy and devastation in
its wake. In response to the OOTP: Crucio Challenge by
royalnavigator. Rated for implied to graphic violence and character
Rated 16+

Real Illusions
by Tsuby
Authors Summary: Harry Potter is badly abused by the Dursleys, but he
finds a new way to defend himself. Could this be "the Power the Dark
Lord knows not"? Who is going to help Harry? Harry-Snape
bonding/mentorship. AU Pre-HBP
Rated T

A Secret Gift
by little-sun
Authors Summary: A short bittersweet story about an unexpected gift
that has somehow overgrown into a multichaptered fic. AU.
Rated T

Slave Child
by Kristeh
Authors Summary: A duel with Draco leads to drastic and permanent
consequences for both Harry and Severus.
Rated T

by Zarathustra
Authors Summary: When Vernon discovers Harry can't do magic during
his first summer back from Hogwarts, he loses it when the cake falls
on his clients. Completely AU version of the Severitus challenge
beginning during the summer after first year.
Rated 16+/

Almost Cheaper By The Dozen
by Muggle49
Authors Summary: Severus and Harry both wish the same dream and their
dream will be answered by fate in a very unusual way. This story is
AU with one character. There is child abuse by Vernon and spanking of
teens in the later chapters.
Rated T

by Lotiolentus
Authors Summary: After the war, Snape is in a coma in St. Mungo's
Hospital. Harry feels responsible and tries to reach him, but has to
realise that he is not chosen for everything. Rewritten, renamed,
reposted. Betaed by Alatariel Gildaen. THANK YOU!!!
Rated T

A Shocking Discovery
by wrappedinharry
Authors Summary: A near tragedy and a shocking discovery lead two
bitter enemies to much soul searching and eventual acceptance of each
other. Much angst along the way though. Some Ginny and Harry.
Rated 16+

Know Thyself
by wellyuthink
Authors Summary: As the clock strikes midnight on Harry Potter's
fourteenth birthday, the reflection of a strange boy appears in
Harry's window. What unusual news does he bring? And why does this
stranger appear to be none other than Harry himself?
Rated T

Where Shadows Go
by Snapegirl
Authors Summary: Prequel to Never Again. After the death of her
husband, Lily Potter must begin her life anew, along with her son,
Harry. Can they find comfort and solace with Master Healer Severus
Snape? Or will old wounds from past and present keep them apart?
Rated 16+

Harry's New Home
by kbinnz
Authors Summary: Sequel to "Harry's First Detention" - read that
first, please!
Rated T

Encounter with a Snake
by Hestia
Authors Summary: Another installment in the "Encounter With a..."
series. Features a 5 year old Harry twisting both godfathers about
his little finger and setting all of Hogwarts on its ear. (As usual)
Rated K

Severus Snape and the Muggle
by wrappedinharry
Authors Summary: When Harry and his new, pretty neighbour are rescued
from Privet Drive on the eve of a Death Eater attack, Severus becomes
Harry's reluctant guardian and healer in the weeks following. Old
prejudices are challenged as Harry's new friend casts her own spell
over Hogwarts' Potions Master.
Rating 16+

Lily's Charm: The Gift
by ObsidianEmbrace
Authors Summary: Sequel to Lily's Charm. After Voldemort's defeat,
Severus and Harry struggle to overcome the shadows he left behind.
Rated 16+

Lily's Grave
by Laume
Authors Summary: It was months after the final battle, and Harry
finally gets around to an important visit
Rated K

Four and counting
by Laume
Authors Summary: Once again, a kidfic. Snape has a little mishap, and
Dumbledore, unwilling to deal with the results, makes a Bad Move.
Rated K

Mother's Day
by Snapegirl
Authors Summary: Harry and Severus go to visit Lily's grave on
Mother's Day.
Takes place right after Where Shadows Go
Rated K

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