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Weekend update - 2 weeks

This Weekend Update contains all the new stories and updates for the last two weeks. Sorry for missing last week's. I've been rather busy, and starting Monday I will be enrolled in three 6-week classes. The format of the Weekend update may have to change to make it easier, for example just listing the info from the RSS feed weekly, and adding news and a Random Challenge.


New Featured Story!!

The new Featured Story poll has been closed and there is one clear winner with 36% of the vote! Congratulations go to Kristeh for Slave Child!!! Thanks to everyone who participated!

Random Challenge

    Eating issues
    by Salem-Black-Snape
    Challenge Summary: Snape has a slight problem with his eating habits. One day, he ends up in the hospital wing for having broken down in class because of a lack of energy. Harry decides to help him regain weight.
    Respond to the challenge here!

New Stories

Once A Snape...Always A Snape
by slytherensangel26
Author's Summary: Two Brothers...seperated at birth will soon find each other...and discover their pasts...
Rating: T

by Kristabelle Nymph
Author's Summary: Harry discovers something suprising about his fearsome potions teacher
Rating: K

Shadows of Desperation
by August Sky
Author's Summary: The Sorting Hat intentionally sorted several students into the wrong House. When it decides that it is time to correct that error or risk the fate of the world, Harry Potter's life is thrown upside down. Can he find solace in his new House, or are the wounds on his soul just too deep to heal?
Rating: 16+

Fate's sense of irony
by Cicci Green
Author's Summary: What if Dudley was a wizard? And went to Hogwarts? Things aren't looking too good for Harry Potter, or for Severus Snape. AU, of course.
Rating: T

Just Pieces of Paper
by Scorpia, Azalea
Author's Summary: When Dolores Umbridge comes across some old documents involving Severus Snape, what does this mean for Harry? What does Umbridge have in store for Harry and what does this have to do with Tobias Snape?
Rating: T

New Chapters

A Time and Place to Learn
by pdantzler
Author's Summary: Sequel to A Time and Place to Grow - After spending a summer with Snape, Harry begins his sixth year at Hogwarts. But Snape is keeping an eye and a firm hand on him, and a new teacher, split loyalties and a looming fight with the Dark Lord await Harry.
Rating: T

Slave Child
by Kristeh
Author's Summary: A duel with Draco leads to drastic and permanent consequences for both Harry and Severus.
Rating: T

by Alexis8907
Author's Summary: Abandoned on the streets, then placed in an orphanage, and finally adopted by a loving woman. Things are finally getting better for young Harry… or are they?
Rating: T

Seraphim and Serpents
by Elise_Malfoy
Author's Summary: Severus is haunted by nightmares of Lily the summer before Harry's third year. Lily desperately wants him to do something. Can he do it? Can he make things right?
Rating: T

No Difference
by Attackfish
Author's Summary: After Harry talks to Dumbledore in Deathly Hallows, he takes a little detour to Spinner’s End, back before it was Snape’s house, back when it belonged to a woman named Eileen Prince. Snape couldn’t be angrier that Harry is his father.
Rating: T

An Issue Of Trust
by Siren
Author's Summary: Waking up one morning Harry finds his familiar surroundings eerily altered. Sent to a Dark future shaped under the rule of Voldemort, in which all knowledge of his existence has been forgotten, Harry is forced to rely on one of the few people who remembers his name, Severus Snape. 6th Year AU.
Rating: 16+

Snape's Second Chance
by omega13a
Author's Summary: Snape is left dying in the Shrieking Shack after giving Harry his memories convinced that Harry is going to his death. When Snape dies, he is given a chance to send his soul backwards in time seven years to give Harry a chance for a better (and hopefully longer) life. Will switch back and fourth between being Snape centered and Harry centered.
Rating: K+

Identity Crisis
by Kyleigh
Author's Summary: Au: Second Year. A little bit of healthy snooping reveals some old documents that will have Harry's life quickly spiralling out of control and have him questioning: Who Am I?
Rating: T

Bow or Break the Rewrite
by Laume
Author's Summary: Rewrite of Bow or Break - the less depressing version. Snape is de-aged and has to stay with Sirius, but not all goes well.
Rating: T

Emerald Eyes
by Jade_Sullivan
Author's Summary: After Harry is caught for exploding a cauldron in 2nd year Potions, Snape insists he keep a firm hand on the boy he must secretly protect. However, he discoveres that there is more to the twelve year old than unruliness and disrespect. Similarly, Harry learns from and gains a new perspective of his professor.
Rating: T

Harry Potter and the Potions Professor
by Kristeh
Author's Summary: HBP Alternative Universe. Harry acquires a surprising new ally as he struggles to overcome his grief and accept the burden of the Prophecy.
Rating: T

by Mooney234
Author's Summary: In the spring before Harry finds out he is a wizard, he is whisked away from the Durlsey's to begin a new life, with a very intersting man!
Rating: T

Growing Pains
by Snapegirl
Author's Summary: The sequel to Never Again! Things are going well for the Snape family, after the near disasters of the past year, except for a few minor mishaps. But when Harry meets two new Muggleborn witches in his primary school, one of whom has a mother Sev decides to date, Harry must realize that he’s not the only person in his father’s life anymore. And so, like any child, he must go through the sometimes frustrating, occasionally funny, and totally bewildering process of growing up, with help from Tobias, of course.
Rating: K+

A Shocking Discovery
by wrappedinharry
Author's Summary: A near tragedy and a shocking discovery lead two bitter enemies to much soul searching and eventual acceptance of each other. Much angst along the way though. Some Ginny and Harry.
Rating: 16+

Come What May
by Scorpia
Author's Summary: Trust Severus Snape is at the top of Harry's Things To Never Do list. But when Harry's future self comes back in time to tell him that the Wizarding world and the people he loves most are at stake, Harry doesn't have a choice.
But, unfortunately for Harry, Snape plans to make that harder then it should be.
Rating: T

The Heir to Prince Manor
by Snapegirl, DaughterOfAres
Author's Summary: When Harry wakes one morning, he discovers a badly injured Snape in his living room, and tries to hide him. But Petunia discovers them and reveals a secret she has kept for thirteen years--one that will change the course of Harry's life forever, and Severus's as well. AU, pre-GOF.
Rating: T

Lily's Charm: The Gift
by ObsidianEmbrace
Author's Summary: Sequel to Lily's Charm. Severus struggles to help his son recover from their time spent in Voldemort's shadow, and Harry continues to be haunted by dreams of a familiar darkness. SS/LE H/G
Rating: 16+

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