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Featured Poll

Don't forget to vote on the poll on the P&S archive in regards to the next Featured stories! Choices are taken from the last list of Featured Story nominations. Log-in to vote. :) Please do not inflate the poll!

Choices are:

- Word up by Validego
- A Place for Warriors by owlsaway
- Walk the Shadows by Jharad17
- Brothers by Blood by Breanatalla
- Reading the signs by Lyra

Go here to vote, links to the fics will be provided:

Good luck everyone!

New Stories

A Second Chance
by Corgi
Author's Summary: After the events of Harry Potter's sixth year at Hogwarts, the wizarding world lays in ruins. Only one man has the chance to set things right.
Rating: 16+

by Twinheart
Author's Summary: When Harry Potter comes to Hogwarts, Snape is forced to reexamine his initial impressions.
Rating: T

Bath Time can be Interesting
by Sukisho816
Author's Summary: This is a side story in the Playplaces can be dangerous universe. After a long day of play young Harry Potter needs a bath and who has to help him? None other than his care taker Severus Snape, a look into how bath time can be for this pair.
Rating: K

Phoenixes I: Of Phoenixes
by Anterastilis
Author's Summary: Severitus challenge response. On Harry's 15th birthday, a surprising truth is revealed. Now he and Snape must deal with its consequences.
Rating: T

Slytherin's Secret Lair
by Alexis8907
Author's Summary: Alec & friends are in for another rough year when strange things began happening. Messages get left on walls, strange voices are heard and this years defense teacher is a joke. Most importantly, who is the Heir of Slytherin? Sequel to Never Normal.
Rating: T

Whelp II -- The Wrath of Snape
by jharad17
Author's Summary: Soon after rescuing 7-year-old Harry from the abusive Dursleys, Severus Snape starts his teaching career at Hogwarts. Harry finds even more ways to surprise his father, the Headmaster, and a school full of students. Snape'll have his hands full, raising and protecting his son.
Rating: T

by Twinheart
Author's Summary: SEQUEL TO EQUILIBIRUM : A mentoring relationship is developing between young wizard Harry Potter and his dour Potions Professor, Severus Snape; but away from Hogwarts, Harry’s life is not all it seems. Summer before Year Two.
Rating: T

Harry and the Elixir of Time
by teddylonglong
Author's Summary: At the welcoming feast Poppy notices that eleven-year-old Harry is wearing glamours, Severus looks after Harry during the first year, and together they decide to go on a time travel – will they be able to save Harry’s parents? This story is completely AU, the characters partly OOC.
Rating: K

New Chapters

What is family?
by Azuredragon
Author's Summary: Harry has a tougher time than anyone thought. Not only is he caught up in the war between light and dark, but the on going battle between the realms of magic and science as well. What can a young boy and a tetchy Potions Master do to help one another? And what is said Potion Masters fathers’ role in this?
Rating: T

by jharad17
Author's Summary: Harry is 7 years old and treated literally like a dog by the Dursleys. Will he be rescued by the wizarding world? Will he ever be fit to take on the mantle of The Boy Who Lived?
Rating: 16+

In Plain Sight
by dianehc
Author's Summary: AU after third year, after Sirius is almost kissed, and after Dumbledore refuses to allow Harry to go to his godfather, Harry decides he can’t take going back and makes a break for it – finding aid from a surprising source. But, true to Harry’s luck, the aid wasn’t quite what he expected, and leaves him in the last place he ever expected to be.
Rating: K

Falling Stars
by dianehc
Author's Summary: The war's finished, the good guys won, and it's time to live. Wouldn’t it be lovely if that were true? But, for Harry and Severus, the end of the war is just to good to be true.
Rating: 16+

For The Boy Who Has Everything
by Foolish Wishmaker
Author's Summary: The war against Voldemort ended on that miserable day at the Ministry of Magic. Harry Potter, now without the protection and care of his godfather, Sirius Black, or Albus Dumbledore, is prepared to face a grim future. Yet, unknown to him, the same events that ripped from Harry the last two people he believed he could count on, also opened up new possibilities he never would have imagined. Soon, Harry's life veers toward the bizarre, and long-buried secrets and regrets come to light.
Rating: K-T/

O Mine Enemy
by Kirby Lane
Author's Summary: When Harry finds a battered Snape on his doorstep, events are set in motion that will determine the outcome of the war. 6th year/ignores HBP. Eventually Snape mentors Harry. Bil's Challenge response.
Rating: T

Snape's Invisible Friend
by NanaBev
Author's Summary: Harry rescues himself as a baby and chooses Severus Snape as his protector, why? No one knows because the toddler isn't talking and no one but Snape can see him. Author known as Teacherbev at ff.net.
Rating: 16+

The Tiniest Wish
by dianehc
Author's Summary: The tiniest wish can make all the difference. No longer complete. As you may have noticed this began with a single chapter one shot, but grew and grew and grew into a series of vignettes.
Rating: T

Brothers, Fathers, and Professors
by DaughterOfAres
Author's Summary: Sequel to Brothers and Fathers. Tobias, Severus, and Harry are at Hogwarts and school is in session. But nothing can ever be easy for the Snape family.
Rating: K

A Place for Warriors
by owlsaway
Author's Summary: Snape and Harry are locked in the Room of Requirement by Dumbledore. Harry's magic works, and Snape's doesn't. Will they kill each other? In response to the 72-Hour Challenge.
Rating: T

A Potions Accident
by Arualcopia
Author's Summary: A slight twist to the usual deaging stories. What if the accident created a gas? What if it affected the entire class? How does Snape deal with fifteen toddlers?
Rating: K+

Potions and Snitches
by Azuredragon
Author's Summary: This is my attempt at a challenge. The 'Potions and Snitches' challenge posted by Jan AQ. Need opinions on this one. Would anybody like to appear in this story? Yes, if you so wish you may be in the story!
Rating: K

Word Up
by validego
Author's Summary: Voldemort's forces are growing stronger and more organized. Despite warnings of this by the Order's spy, Harry Potter is captured. When he's rescued, will Snape be able to prove that he is useful as more than just a spy to the Order?
Rating: T

Walk the Shadows
by jharad17
Author's Summary: The summer after 5th year, Death Eaters find Harry abandoned in the Dursley house and bring him to Voldemort. Will one particular Death Eater give up his position and his hate to save his enemy's child? Eventual Snape mentors Harry fic.
Rating: 16+/

Better Be Slytherin!
by jharad17
Author's Summary: As a first year, Harry is sorted into Slytherin instead of Gryffindor, and no one is more surprised than his new Head of House.
Rating: K+

Harry and the New Time Line (2)
by teddylonglong
Author's Summary: SEQUEL to: Harry and the Changed Time Line!
How much has Harry changed the future? Will he be able to adjust to this new time line he constucted while being in the past? Will his dream about a family just for himself come true?
Rating: K

Harry Potter and the Potions Professor
by Kristeh
Author's Summary: HBP Alternative Universe. Harry acquires a surprising new ally as he struggles to overcome his grief and accept the burden of the Prophecy.
Rating: T

Never Normal
by Alexis8907
Author's Summary: 10 year old Harry is kidnapped along with his aunt and cousin after Vernon finds money that belonged to powerful people. Snape eventually steps in to save the day. Severus later adopts Harry though a ritual to make Harry his biological son. Harry just wants to be normal but that isn't possible with escaped convict Sirius Black on the loose! Harry's first year at Hogwarts but with a slight twist to it.
Rating: T

To Have a Father
by Crystal Cove
Author's Summary: Something happens to Harry the summer before his third year: he ends up in a reality where Severus Snape is his father. In time will Harry end up wanting to stay, or go back?
Rating: K

The Poor of God
by Branwyn
Author's Summary: After Snape's visit to Surrey, Harry writes a thank-you letter that triggers an extended correspondence and a tentative friendship between the two of them.
Rating: T

Reading the Signs
by lyra
Author's Summary: Harry is hurt and loses his voice. Will Snape help him find it again?
Rating: K+

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