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Weekend update!

Fic Fest!

This is a reminder that the fic fest will end on the last day of April! If you don't get your fics in before then don't worry. You can still post challenge response fics during any time of year. :) All of the challenges for the fic fest should be listed here. Change the Category "Challenges" to list "P&S Fic Fest 2 (Feb07-Apr07)" and click "Go".



The interviews of pdanzler and starangel2106 are out now! They have been published on the LiveJournal Community and the Yahoo group if you would like to read them. Hopefully more will come out soon!

New Stories

Ars Poetica
by janeyplainy
Literature professor Severus Snape has always considered Harry Potter to be a problem student. “Just like his father” he always thought. That opinion changes when Snape is saddled with overseeing Harry’s “rehabilitation” after a botched suicide attempt. The two begin a strange journey towards something not unlike friendship with the help of poetry, which they both share a
love for.
Rated: 16+

New Chapters

Ashes of the Phoenix
by Solitare
Sick and tired with the way the Dursleys were treating him, Harry decides he has had enough. Leaving the house he makes his way towards the Leaky Cauldron only to encounter the one person he didnt want to see...
Rated: T

From Potions To Pram
by Laume
The war is over, and Severus Snape wants out. A reluctant Albus Dumbledore agrees to help him.
Rated: K

Dark Influences
by LAXgirl
SEQUEL TO "KEPT BEHIND" Harry might have survived his ordeal as a disembodied spirit, but when the Order is jeopardized by one of its own, Harry must risk everything to save the one that once
saved him... even if that person is Snape
Rated: K+

Slow Death
by Corbin
After being abducted by a servant of Lord Voldemort, Harry begins to deteriorate both physically and mentally. Can he be saved?
Rated: T

A Year Like None Other
by aspeninthesunlight
A letter from home sends Harry down a path he'd never have walked on his own. A sixth year fic, this story follows Order of the Phoenix and disregards any canon events that occur after Book 5. Spoilers for the first five books. Have fun!
Rated: 16+

The Ideal Guardian
by Tracy
In an effort to better assure Harry's safety, Dumbledore and McGonagall decide that he needs a new guardian and that Severus Snape is the wizard for the job. Despite initial reservations on
both Harry and Snape's part, could Snape really be the ideal guardian for Harry? Although I love fb, this story does contain corporal punishment of a teenager so if that isn't your cup of tea, please do not read or review.
Rated: T

Paradigm Shift
by Rock Lobster
Post OOP: Harry, still haunted by the events at the DOM, escapes Privet Drive and Snape becomes his unwilling accomplice. Horses and motorbikes.
Rated: 16+

by elsa
Voldemort's dead and life is great. Isn't it? Harry's not so sure. There's always a new problem but the trouble is that sometimes figuring out what the right thing to do about it can be tricky... Sequel to Taniwha and Chrysalid.
Rated: T

The Tortured Soul
by purpleygirl
When Snape finally discovers the truth about what happened in Godric's Hollow, he finds his very identity called into question. Can he deal with the unsettling consequences as they begin to unravel on him? How does he cope with Harry's impossible desire to see the father he now believes survived Godric's Hollow? And just what is Voldemort's true motive behind letting the truth out now? AU of Harry's 5th year at Hogwarts (HBP-backstory compliant). Gen. Sevitus, but not Lily/Snape, and not MPreg.
Rated: T

Alive by Aislynne
The battle is over, Voldemort at last lays dead. And the Hero who brought it about fights against himself and fate for his life...
Rated: 16+

Please thank the writers with a review!

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