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Weekend update!

It's time for the weekend update!

Question: If there was one thing about the Potions and Snitches archive that you could change, what would it be?

New Stories

None! Wah!

New Chapters

the Secret of Slytherin
by Kirinin
Amidst misconceptions and reconciliation, the lines that separate the Wizarding World will be destroyed. Enemies will serve one another as friendships are tested and forged. But first, the Sorting Hat Who Will Not Sort has a message for Hogwarts... Warnings: some OOC (with reason). Definite and unabashed alternate universe, here: takes place from the beginning of sixth year. Snape and Harry interaction doesn't start until chapter 4.
Rated: T

A Reflection of Himself!
by Sindie
Written prior to the publication of HBP, this is my version of Harry's sixth and seventh years at Hogwarts, and how an unlikely relationship develops between Snape and Harry.
Rated: K+

by elsa
Sequel to Taniwha. Draco is having the semi-traditional identity crisis. Rated R for adult situations (sorry - not sex)
Rated: 16+

A Mutual Understanding
by Lily Elizabeth Snape
Harry, Hermione, and Draco find they have much in common...their disturbing home lives. Along with a certain potions professor, the three help one another overcome their demons. Hermione's mum's dead and her father blames her. Vernon and Lucius are merciless.
Rated: 16+

A Time and Place to Grow
After mistakenly flooing himself to Snape's home the summer after Sirius' death, Harry realizes that his potions master can take matters into his own hands, literally. Warning: This story does involve the spanking of teenagers. If you have a problem with this, do not read and do not review. Any criticisms about CP will be ignored. But I love any other feedback!
Rated: T

Harry Potter and the Ferratilis Potion
by Arualcopia
At the Dursleys the summer after Sirius' death, Voldemort sends werewolves to attack Harry. Taken to Grimmauld Place by his rescuer, Severus Snape, Harry devises a disastrous plan to rescue Sirius from the veil, resulting in his being transfigured into a baby. Snape is the only one who can brew the potion to restore him, and is the only one to realize that Harry still retains his 16 year-old-mind. Over the summer and the first two potions which restore him to age eleven, Harry begins to feel that Snape is the only one who understands and can protect him. Is he right or has his deaging muddled his thinking? AU story for 6th year.
Rated: 16+

Under Lock and Key
by Symphonia
In response to Tilly's 72 Hours Challenge! In an effort to end their differences, Dumbledore locked Snape and Harry into a classroom for 72 hours.
Rated: T

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