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Weekend update! :)

Weekend Update: Potions and Snitches

We are completely recovered now. :) If you haven't already logged in and voted on the New Featured Story poll, please do so!

Here are the updates for the last two weeks.


New Stories


Emrys Snape
by Gryffinbear
Summary: Abandoned by his aunt the minute she found him on her doorstep, Harry is discovered by none other than Snape!
Rated: T

At Peace With One's Self
by DesolateDenial
Summary: War has destroyed the ministry, Dumbledore's mind is no longer reliable, Harry is tired of war and Snape must decide if it will end.
Rated: K+


New chapters


Harry Potter and the Ferratilis Potion
by Arualcopia
Summary: At the Dursleys the summer after Sirius' death, Voldemort sends werewolves to attack Harry. Taken to Grimmauld Place by his rescuer, Severus Snape, Harry devises a disastrous plan to rescue Sirius from the veil, resulting in his being transfigured into a baby. Snape is the only one who can brew the potion to restore him, and is the only one to realize that Harry still retains his 16 year-old-mind. Over the summer and the first two potions which restore him to age eleven, Harry begins to feel that Snape is the only one who understands and can protect him. Is he right or has his deaging muddled his thinking? AU story for 6th year.
Rated: 16+

Echoes from the Past
by Valerie Vancollie
Summary: Shortly before his fifteenth birthday, Harry receives a letter from the past that alters his entire life. Now it is up to him to reveal the truth to the other whom it concerns. But will he find the courage to do so or will he repeat his mother's mistake and wait until it's too late?
Rated: T

In Blood Only
by EM Snape
Summary: Everyone is dismayed to learn Snape is Harry's father. Especially Snape and Harry.
Rated: T

A New Perspective
by Moongrl
Summary: Harry has been acting strangely since the end of his fifth year. What happens when two of the most unlikely people do something about it? Currently been revamped!
Rated: T

by Lily Elizabeth Snape
Summary: Harry is eight years old and is sent to live with Snape. Will Snape ever lighten up enough to notice Harry's problems? Abused!Harry, Guardian!Severus, No slash.
Rated: 16+

Brothers by Blood
by breannatala
Summary: Harry Potter, 10 years old, finds out that he isn't a Potter, and that he has a brother still living! And his brother happens to be Severus Snape. After the reading of Eileen Prince's will, Severus takes Harry in.
Rated: K

A Time and Place to Grow
by pdantzler
Summary: After mistakenly flooing himself to Snape's home the summer after Sirius' death, Harry realizes that his potions master can take matters into his own hands, literally. Warning: This story does involve the spanking of teenagers. If you have a problem with this, do not read and do not review. Any criticisms about CP will be ignored
Rated: T

To those who ask for it
by ladyravena
Summary: Help will always be given at Hogwarts to those who ask for it...and need it. Follows directly after HBP.
Rated: 16+

Antiquity's Corollary
by gonnabefamous
Summary: "Lily begged me never to tell you what happened," Dumbledore continued, "and I didn't want to cause you furthur pain." ...The past is meant to be left behind... unless it affects the future. There are many questions as to what lies ahead for Harry, but of all the scenarios he would have imagined, he never expected this one. When Severus is forced to confront the pain he had forever buried, will he be able to move past it for Harry's sake? Will either one of them want him to? -------Was originally posted as a Severitus Challenge, but I realized that in the long run I may not answer every challenge rule, so I posted it as Sevitus. First chapter features Draco (this is NOT slash) giving Harry a warning... he may be good or evil in this story, but do not assume either.---- Now slightly AU- pre HPP
Rated: T

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