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Weekend Update: Potions and Snitches

Hello everyone! This is Phantomsgirl04, a prefect from P&S. I hope you all have had a great week-I'm on Spring Break from University, and I have had a nice holiday. I hope you all get a chance to take some time off to participate in our First Annual Potions and Snitches Fic Fest, which will officially close on March 31st. We have seen many wonderful fics from the start of the challenge, and we hope to see more before the end! So get out there and write! *grins* And how did we like the special features of the GoF movie? Were the deleted scenes and extra goodies worth the purchase of the two disc special addition? What were your favorite scenes? Sounds like a couple of great ideas for some forum topics...

I am here for the WEEKEND UPDATE at Potions and Snitches, since our fearless leader Jan is without Internet for the weekend.

Six Years to Life: Son of Hogwarts
by Laume
Sevvy is still six years old, and living at Hogwarts with his father and brother. Now he has to get used to his new life, and the students have to get used to their six years old potions master running down the halls.

by LilPadfoot16
Set in the Finding a Father universe, this tells the story of the twins’ first prank and detention…with Snape.

Blessed Are The Curious
by Seren
Harry Evan's mother died for him on Hallowe'en night, and he was left to the hands of the Dursleys. During his third year, he enlists his two best friends, Ron and Hermione, to help him search for information about his mother and the identity of his father. A photograph points the Trio towards Lily's two best friends during Hogwarts, Remus Lupin and surprisingly, Severus Snape, and starts them on the adventure of a lifetime.

That's it for the new stories-thanks for the new fics, authors! And now, here's some favorites that have updated within the week:

The Painful Guardianship
by Dina
AU - Finally Snape and Harry get to the “bottom” of things. A Snape adopts Harry Fic. The story starts by the end of POA and takes over from there. Contains spoilers to GOF and Ootp. The series involve spanking of children/teens. If you are not comfortable with this theme. Please do not read.

Sixth Year
by Terri
This story follows the events of Summer before Sixth Year. No HBP but canon through OoTP - Snape mentors Harry as he trains to learn what he needs to fulfill the Prophecy.

When Dreams Come True
by LilPadfoot16
With Harry's knowledge of the Horcruxes it is clear that he has quite a job to do. But are they the only way to destroy Voldemort? A gift from the dead, strange new powers, and more await Harry in this re-write of When Dreams Come True.

A Time and Place to Grow
by pdantzler
*Featured Story*
After mistakenly flooing himself to Snape's home the summer after Sirius' death, Harry realizes that his potions master can take matters into his own hands, literally. Warning: This story does involve the spanking of teenagers. If you have a problem with this, do not read and do not review. Any criticisms about CP will be ignored

Okay ladies and gentlemen, that wraps up the Weekend Update. Don't forget about the deadlines for the Fic Fest-challenges are posted, as always, at P&S. We have several new featured stories; you may want to check those out. And, as always, reviewing is welcomed and appreciated. Have a great weekend!



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