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Weekend Update: Potions and Snitches

Weekend Update: Potions and Snitches

Don't burn your new Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Cds out!

The Fic Fest ends this month, you better start writing! :)


New Stories added:

Dislocation's Game
by Howl
Summary: Snape knows Harry Potter's eyes. He knows how they've change and how come they have. Yet, Snape can't escape the memory of the young Harry who he met over old Chinese food, stolen bandages, and a dislocated shoulder. Wait and Hope for the world's end.
Rated: K

Ensnaring Insanity
by Howl
Summary: They become, to the mildest degree, insane. Harry is captured by 'The Dark Lord'. He listens for the Grim Reaper's light footsteps, he thrives in deadly secrets, and he 'ensnares the senses'...all to survive...if he can...

So it Ends, then Begins
by Howl
Summary: On Halloween, Voldemort killed the Potters, now sixteen years later on the same day, Harry kills Voldemort. With the Dark Lord gone, Harry's allowed to live his life, but can he figure out how? Snape mentors Harry fic. Ch. 10 revised. Complete
Rated: K+

The Path
by Howl
Summary: There were things that needed to be realized for Harry to truthfully survive what fate has in store for him. Things that couldn't be proven to him in normal ways, but through one he doesn't like, and through one who fears him. Can he come to realize?
Rated: K

Blindfolded Truce
by Howl
Summary: Harry does something that causes a chain of events to happen. Yes, this is Blindfold, but this has an alternate ending. More inside if you wish to find out more, please read. The ending is longer, and different.
Rated: K

by Howl
Summary: Harry wears a blindfold in an attempt to find something, and brings about something he never thought would happen, even dreamt of.
Rated: K

The Silent Watcher
by Howl
Summary: Set before 'The Only Thing He Needed', Snape watches Harry after the incident with Malfoy and Potter in the Entrance Hall, and comes to some different conculsions. Major OoTP spoilers, end of fifth year. Not Slash One-shot
Rated: K

The Only Thing He Needed
by Howl
Summary: Harry needs to run, to escape the numbness of loss, but he's caught by the one person he doesn't want to be near, ever! (One-shot) Set in the summer after fifth year, Major Spoilers from Ootp, Not Slash!
Rated: K


Stories with New chapters added:

A Time and Place to Grow
by pdantzler
Summary: After mistakenly flooing himself to Snape's home the summer after Sirius' death, Harry realizes that his potions master can take matters into his own hands, literally. Warning: This story does involve the spanking of teenagers. If you have a problem with this, do not read and do not review. Any criticisms about CP will be ignored
Rated: T

Please remember to feedback review! :)

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