July 15th, 2014

HOL, Ravenclaw, Hogwarts
  • jan_aq

Site back up

Hi everyone, Potions and Snitches is back up.

Per animealam on the site news:

"We are experiencing some problems with the webhost, and I'm looking into it. It appears we are somehow overloading the server, and the account was suspended. I'm working on it, although I have yet to find what is causing this, as traffic to the site has been lower than it was last year.

Please be patient, and do not upload any new chapters until further notice as I'm going to do a full backup and run a few tests. I will turn off submissions.

Also, if any of you use a downloader like the Calibre Fanfictiondownloader plugin, the web version of it, or any other, I'll like to know, as this might also be the reason why we are overloading the server. Collapse )

We think it may be a possibility that the overload was from people downloading all the stories from the site. The first warning was sent Friday. We blocked all the google bots and such to see if that helps.

We always keep backups of the site, saving all the stories and reviews and such periodically. Do not ever worry about loosing all the stories. We will always reopen the site on different servers if need be. If the site ever goes down in the future, do not panic. It will be back up.

chocolate frogs,