June 16th, 2011


Reflections and Apologizes

Title: Reflections and Apologizes

Disclaimer: Poor graduate student/intern here. Do you really think I own Harry Potter?

Summary: "If that little idiot thought that he was going to be able to skate through on his fame in his class, he had another thing coming."

Rating: T for Teen

Beta: Tigerbear1217

Relationship: Teacher/Student, G/C

A/N: This is actually a story that sprang from marionros  on to my post of What Might Have Been about how the movie contaminated how disrespectful Harry was in the book and how anyone with eyes could see that Severus was the good person while Harry was the bad one. (That is the simplified version) In the review she/he stated that Harry owed Severus something at the end of the year. (I'll let you read to figure that one out.)

Anyhow, I could not get that comment out of my head and… well this is the product of that review. So marionros , here is somewhat the story you stated you wanted to see. And for all you waiting to read more of What Might Have Been…. I'm working on the second story as we speak.

So on with the story!

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