May 8th, 2011

Hufflepuff-bad person

Help finding a fic?

If this isn't allowed please just delete this post.

I had a rather bad virus on my computer and thus lost all my saved favorites...*bangs head against the wall*
I've found most of them but there's one I was in the middle of reading that I can't find and it's driving me crazy.
I was long, over 40 chapters I believe and on but it might be on potions and snitches as well. Harry stays with Snape the summer after forth year to work on his occlumency after Snape goes to check up on him at the Dursley's to find out why he did underage magic and finds him badly beaten.(The Dursley's made him preform a glamor charm to try and hide it)
Snape has a big homey mansion (much to Harry's surprise) and a house elf with an M name (the fic would be so much easier to find if I could just remember the house elf's name,something along the lines of Maria or Mara I think) Harry has nightmares and Snape will often sit up with him and the have tea together if Harry doesn't want to go back to sleep. The scene that takes place at the beginning of the 5th book with the dementors and Dudley takes place with two local bully's who are trying to rob Harry instead and Harry's so determined to save them he's almost kissed but Snape saves him.
Snape is "punished" by Voldemort with some kind of slashing curse on his arm and when Harry wakes up and finds him like that he helps him heal it even though Snape tries to make him go back to bed. Harry has a "playdate" with Ron, Hermione, and Ginny. Harry starts thinking of the mansion as home and Snape starts think of Harry as his son (and of course there idiots about this, Snape more so than Harry) Where I left off Snape had just bit Harry's head off because he "realized" that Harry could never want him as a father and that he is always destined to want what he cannot have(Snape angst!^^) and Harry was going to try to talk to Ron and Hermione to figure out what he did wrong to mess things up with Snape.

If anyone can help me find it again I'll love you forever^^
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