July 26th, 2010


Fic finding

There was a fic on fanfiction a number of years ago that I cannot seem to find anymore. The majority (or at least the last part) of the fic was about Snape carring for a practicaly autistic Harry in the guise of teaching chemistry in in a muggle summer school. Harry lived under his desk while he was teaching and there was a scene in it where Snape took Harry to the park where he could play and makes friends with an eight year old. The kid's mother talks to Snape about Harry's disability which was caused by some sort of accident. I believe that paticular arch ended with one of Snape's muggle students taking the class hostage- where Harry's magic reacts and disarms him.

If anyone knows the name or ID of this fic I would greatly appreciate it =)

Thank you much!
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