May 1st, 2010

Weekend Update May 1, 2010

Weekend Update May 1,2010

By: sweets2

I'm now your weekend update gal. I will do my best to get the updates out by Saturday.

This will cover from April 21st till now. Since that is how far back I can go.


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Prove it by watercrystals
Summary: After yet another annoying Occlumency lesson with Snape, Harry has had enough of the sour man stating he's just like his father; lazy, arrogant and weak etc. But upon recalling their conversation, he remembers that when he'd protested against such claims and that he wasn't like that...Snape had told him to prove it. And so Harry sets about to do just that!

Keeping them to character for this is a must! Obviously takes place in 5th year. Also bonus if Harry doesn't tell his friends about his plans and let them try to figure it out.
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