March 22nd, 2010

Weekend Update for March 7 through 20th 2010

Update for March 7 – 20, 2010

Compiled by Kyle


Random Challenges


The Tragedy of a Heroic Family by Lianne

Voldemort attacked the Potters when Harry was c. five. Lily and James both survived, but James had been terribly injured - he lost most of his memory, his mind was damaged and he regressed to the state of a five-eight years old child. Lily and Harry are glorified and James ignored by the magical society.

Lily repeatedly refuses to put James to a mental ward at St. Mungo's, however, she can't do everything alone. Some of her friends support her. She hopes that James might recover. Severus is her friend, strongly dislikes James and is one of the few probably capable of finding a cure.

NOTES - things to consider/play with:

1. Harry knows something happened to his daddy. (Really, he has to.) What does it do to the family?

2. What caused the change in timelines? Play with fates of Severus, Sirius, Remus, Peter, Dumbledore... You can even have the Weasleys, the Dursleys, the Longbottoms, whoever you like.

3. Make a simple, realistic story - don't overdo it for forty chapters, but don't make it two either. Don't overdo the drama, but don't forget about it. Don't forget to include some happy moments.

4. Be extremely careful in your characterization of Lily, Harry, Severus and James and of their relationships. I'm not that great fan of SS/LL, but I can enjoy it when it's well written. However, a story where Lily jumps into Severus's arms the first moment James is gone (disappeared, dead, incapable) is sick. If you really have to see them together, at least make it believable first.

You should put some work into this. Besides that... good luck!

Cat Addictions by Phoenix Phyre

Minerva McGonagall gets addicted to catnip in her animagus form, and Harry assists Snape in brewing a potion to help her quit. Addiction could have an innocent beginning or be the work of an agent of your choice.

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