March 7th, 2010

Weekend Update for March 6,2010

Weekend Update for 6 March 2010

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Random Challenge


Bad Luck Curse by Jan_AQ

Summary: Staying with the Dursleys not only gave Harry protection from the Dark Lord and evil Death Eaters, it also protected him from a Bad Luck Curse. When Harry isn’t able to renew the protection at his aunt’s one year, everything starts to fall apart. Little things and bad things start going wrong, and Harry is at a loss of how to cope. Simple things as walking down the stairs can now be life-threatening. How can Harry and his protectors deal with a string of bad luck as strong as a curse? This is sure to test Snape’s resolve, and vow, to safeguard Harry Potter.

The Bad Luck Curse may be a genetic inheritance, or something that Harry got on his own. In any case, Snape must be there to help him.

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