February 19th, 2010

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Weekend updates from January 2 - February 14

Weekend Update for 14 February Put together by Kyle

Note: This update covers everything since the last update from 2 January until February 14.

Random Challenge

Grandpa Severus by Ponytail Goddess

Summary: When Harry is inexplicably de-aged while working a case undercover,
his children are suddenly left without a place to live, as Ginny died a few
years ago in a tragic Quidditch accident. After an array of problems with other
family options, the kids end up living with their paternal grandfather, Severus
Snape, whom they've never met. Severus must learn to live with James, Al, and
Lily, as well as explain to them why he and Harry remained estranged, even after
learning that they were blood relations. Extra points if Severus ends up taking
care of baby Harry too!

Respond to the Challenge here!

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Weekend Update February 15-19 2010

Hello Everyone:

Here is the weekend update for February 15-19. Since it is my first time doing the updates, Jan asked that I let you all know that for the chapter updates I put the oldest ones from the 15th listed first. The newest updates are towards the bottom.

I will try to get future updates out on each Saturday. If I am late it will definately be on Sundays.

Thanks again Jan for going over this for me


Weekend Update for February 15
Put together by: Sweets2

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Random Weekly Challenge:
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The Rita Skeeter Challenge by Keina

Summary: Snape adopted Harry or is thinking about it, and the two of them have been living together for some times and get along really well. However, Snape is lonely and by chance, starts to date... Rita Skeeter. Will Harry be able to deal with a woman invading his perfect life with his father? Bonus if Rita Skeeter is really in love !


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