September 14th, 2008

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Weekend update!

Weekend update for Sept 13
Put Together By Scorpia

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Random Challenge
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    The Good Son
    by Azalea
    Challenge Summary: Ever see the movie The Good Son? Snape is put in
    the situation to where he has to choose between the lives of Malfoy
    and Potter. Will he choose the more evil Malfoy or the innocent
    Potter? Malfoys been acting up all year and the only person who's
    been able to catch him doing these evil things or attempting is
    Harry. Harry goes to Snape as he knows he's his godson and hopes that
    he listens. When Harry finds out about an evil plot of Draco's Harry
    tries to stop him, and now Snape is caught between saving his Godson
    and the Boy Who Lived! Who will he choose? I bet if he chooses Harry,
    Harry will have a lot of guilt!
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