August 24th, 2008

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Weekend update for August 10--22

Put Together By Scorpia

Random Challenge

    Apprentice Challenge
    by Anaknisatanas
    Challenge Summary: After the first few weeks of school during OotP
    Fudge decides that Harry's Muggle Guardians are no longer suitable to
    take care of Harry and that the boy will be placed under
    Ministry/Fudge' s guardianship. Someone close to the Minister (Lucius,
    Percy, etc) feels the need to inform Severus/Minerva/ Dumbledore. The
    only thing that can be done is to have Harry take on an
    Apprenticeship with Severus as he is the only one who can adequately
    protect and train Harry. Taking on Harry as his Apprentice causes
    Severus to lose his place as a spy with Voldemort.
    Options: If Lucius tells Severus, it should be because he feels that
    the Dark Lord is mad and he wants out and is willing to help Severus
    protect Harry. Dumbledore can either like/dislike the Apprenticeship.
    If he dislikes it Lucius can use his still good influence to block
    him while convincing Fudge its for the best/that Voldemort really is
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