July 26th, 2008

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Weekend Update for July 26

Put Together by Scorpia

(This was compiled earlier today and posted to the yahoo group, so I'm just adding it here too. If you added your story after this was made, it will have to be listed on next week's.)

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Random Challenge
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    Laughing Together
    by Kristeh
    Challenge Summary: Have you seen the old pic from behind-the-scenes
    of Goblet of Fire? The one that shows Harry, Ron, and Snape in the
    Great Hall laughing together? (The director guy is in the pic, too,
    but we'll just ignore him. If you haven't seen it, google 'pic of
    Harry and Snape laughing', check out the gallery at Veritiserum, or
    join my group and see it in miscellaneous photos.) So the challenge
    is to write a story that explains that scene. Have fun!
    Respond the Challenge Here!

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