June 8th, 2008

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Weekend update - 2 weeks

This Weekend Update contains all the new stories and updates for the last two weeks. Sorry for missing last week's. I've been rather busy, and starting Monday I will be enrolled in three 6-week classes. The format of the Weekend update may have to change to make it easier, for example just listing the info from the RSS feed weekly, and adding news and a Random Challenge.


New Featured Story!!

The new Featured Story poll has been closed and there is one clear winner with 36% of the vote! Congratulations go to Kristeh for Slave Child!!! Thanks to everyone who participated!

Random Challenge

    Eating issues
    by Salem-Black-Snape
    Challenge Summary: Snape has a slight problem with his eating habits. One day, he ends up in the hospital wing for having broken down in class because of a lack of energy. Harry decides to help him regain weight.
    Respond to the challenge here!

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