May 25th, 2008

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Weekend update!

Thank you to Teddy for putting together the Weekend update!!


New Featured Stories!!

The nominations for Featured Stories were closed at midnight EST, May 17 and the results were published on the archive news. There were three stories that tuned out the most number of nominations:

Never Say Remember by Malora had a total of 9 nominations!

A Place for Warriors by owlsaway had a total of 8 nominations!

The House Which Time Forgot by pdantzler had a total of 7 nominations!

These stories are now all featured. Congratulations!!


Vote for the next Featured Story!

The stories that had the next largest amount of nominations during the Featured Story nominations week have been put into a poll for the P&S members to vote on. They are as follow:

Log-in to vote on the archive homepage. The poll will be probably up for another week. Good luck everyone!

Random Challenge

    Cruel Reversal
    by Foolish Wishmaker
    Challenge Summary: A reversed Sevitus. Harry Snape grew up with his father. His mother, Lily, died to save him from Voldemort. At the same time as Harry is trying to deal with the awful knowledge that he is destined to face Voldemort and only one of them will survive the encounter, Harry also finds out the unthinkable -- Severus Snape is not his natural father! Note: edited slightly by request.
    Respond to the Challenge here!

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