May 10th, 2008

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Weekend Update May 10th

Thank you so much Teddy, for your help with the Weekend update!


Nominate Featured Stories on the archive!

It's been awhile since we last did this, so let's award some more featured stories!

Every member can nominate up to three stories hosted on Potions and Snitches that he or she feels should be featured by responding to the news item! The two stories with the most nominations will be rewarded Featured status. The others with the closest amount of nominations will be put into a poll to be voted on.

The deadline is May 17 11:59 PM EST for your nominations. :)

Good luck!

Random Challenge

    Deathly Sense
    by Howldaloom
    Challenge Summary: Harry discovers that he has a new and very terrifying gift after the death of his godfather : during the summer he is locked out during a storm, but seeking shelter from under a tree he is struck by lightening. When he awakes, he discovers that he can see and talk to the dead. People that can't accept their deaths start seeking him out for help. What can Harry do to help them, if anything?
    Optional: What if someone Harry knows dies, and Harry is the only one that can see them?
    Respond to the Challenge Here!

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