March 30th, 2008

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Weekend update!

Thank you teddylonglong, for putting together the Weekend update!


New Chatroom!

I am very excited to announce Potions and Snitches officially has a new chat.

The chat is open to all members, and unless indicated beforehand, available to use at any time. The rules are in the link, please follow them. The use of the chat is to carry conversations. It saves messages, in chat form, along with longer 'messages' where you can type lengthy replies.

The link is under 'chat' on the bottom of the entrance page of the site (

So, Please enjoy and use! :D

- starangel2106 (Chat Moderator)

Random Challenge

    Almost Alone
    by Scorpia
    Challenge Summary: Harry and our favorite Potion's master wake up one day to find out all the inhabitants of Hogwarts, except for themselves, are missing.
    Respond to the challenge here!

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