March 2nd, 2008

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  • jan_aq

New Stories C2 Group

Potions and Snitches has a C2 group on that archives all the brand new Snape and Harry Gen stories posted on that site.

I recently went through the list, and made sure that no stories on it were published more than 2 months ago. Currently, most stories are less than a month old, and the list is 2 pages long. All the stories that were ready to move to the main P&S C2 group were either moved, or placed in the P&S Transfer C2 group. Stories that were not updated enough were moved to the P&S Story Watch C2 group (New stories without enough Snape and Harry Gen content are placed directly there).

If you would like to subscribe to the New Stories group to get alerts whenever a new story is added to it, you may do so here:

Time permitting, I like to check for new stories at least weekly, but we have several wonderful staff members who also search out new stories and add them. Thank you to all you wonderful people. :) It's been awesome to get stories placed on the list right when they come out.

If you would like to become staff of the group, and search out brand new P&S stories from, please let me know.

If you ever need to find this C2 group, you can always find a link on the P&S entrance page or by going to Both the main P&S C2 group, and the New stories P&S C2 group are on the first page of Harry Potter C2 groups sorted by subscriber count.

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