February 3rd, 2008

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Weekend update!

A special thanks to teddylonglong for putting together the weekend update for me! Thank you teddy!


New Featured Stories!!

Due to the large turnout, and large amounts of nominations for certain stories, I decided to reward four stories with featured status, instead of two. Congratulations are deserved to:

Reading the Signs by lyra with 19 votes!

In Plain Sight by Melissophobia with 15 votes!

Harry Potter and the Potions Professor by Kristeh with 11 votes!

Emerald Eyes by Jade_Sullivan with 11 votes!

Thanks to everyone who participated! We have a new poll up on the homepage of the archive with the stories with the most nominations after these four. The poll will be closed in a couple of weeks.

Random Challenge

Dumbledore's Army
by lilseverus
Challenge Summary: The first one to find out about Dumbledore's Army is none other than our favorite potions master. What is his reaction to Harry teaching 28 students Defense Against the Dark Arts?

Respond to the challenge here!

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