January 6th, 2008

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  • jan_aq

Flaming Reviews

It has come to my attention, that we have some very rude, selfish, close minded reviewers on the site. I'm not talking about critiques, or one-liners. What I am referring to are the types of reviews that are flames simply because a writer has not updated in awhile. It has nothing to do about the story, just a reviewer abusing someone because they didn't get an update as quickly as they would have liked. These reviews were not posted to my story, if they had I probably wouldn't have said anything, but I won't stand by while other writers on the site are being harassed. I regularly read all the reviews posted on the site.

Just because we hide behind usernames, and anonymous names, doesn't mean that we are not human beings communicating to other human beings! Maybe you had a bad day, but what right do you have to make someone else feel like crap?

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So yes, we all should work better on updating our stories, obviously, but what are we going to with flamers?

I say we bring in Snape. I'm sure the professor would delight in doling out some discipline to some errant anonymous reviewers. :) Only flamers as per the Terms of Service, mind you. So we're clear on the meaning, that means harmful, hateful, threatening reviews, ect. Critiques don't count, something like, “Your sentence structures are incomplete and your characters are out of character” doesn't count. Saying “You are the stooopidist F%^&$# ever” does count.

Who wants to play him first? I think the first reviewer should get detention, and the second a mouth washing, but I think the mouth washing might only come from someone like Perry. :P Snape didn't do that in the books that I know of.

Maybe the best Snape response will be posted as a review from Severus Snape after the errant review to console the author.

Does it sound like fun, or a bad idea?

Chocolate frogs,

HOL, Ravenclaw, Hogwarts
  • jan_aq

Fic Fest Christmas vote

I know this is long due, but we are going to vote for a featured story out of all the Christmas Fic Fest stories posted this year. :)

The Winter Fic Fest is still on, so write your Winter Fest stories before the end of February 2008 to be included in another Featured Story vote!

Here is the list of all the Christmas stories posted during the Fic Fest so far. Thanks to everyone who participated! A vote will be opened on the P&S archive homepage. If I missed any stories, please let me know as soon as possible so I can include them in the poll! If your story is a work in progress, please keep updating it! It could help you during the vote, as people tend to vote more for finished or recently updated stories.

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Good luck to all!