December 16th, 2007

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  • jan_aq

AOL and Hotmail E-mails not being sent

It's come to my attention that e-mails from the Potions and Snitches archive are not being sent to certain e-mail inboxes. In particular, hotmail and aol. Part of their defense against spam is to delete e-mails before they even are sent to a person's e-mail. If you use those companies and have not received e-mail from P&S, that would be why.

I think it's a problem either because of the shared server we use, or our DNS info. Not that I know what that means, but in my research I discovered that sometimes spammers send mail claiming to be sent from one place. Apparently you can have a little file that has all e-mails checked to make sure that they actually were sent from you before they assume they are. Having one could make your legit e-mails more accepted. I don't really know how to edit that file or where it is, unfortunately.

I tried adding our domain to Window's Sender ID home page to fix the hotmail problem, but so far it hasn't worked.

If anyone has any experience fixing these sorts of things, or can help, and are willing, please respond.

Thank you!

chocolate frogs,