July 15th, 2007

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  • jan_aq

Weekend update!


With the book coming out this week in many places of the world, I'd like to remind everyone to be careful with spoilers.

If you are going to post to any groups, please make sure that a spoiler tag is included in the subject.

- For the livejournal community, please put the spoilers behind a lj-cut.

- For the yahoo group, please leave enough spoiler space before your message: that is enough characters for it to not appear in the msg summary area of the group, as well as enough actual space for the message not to be visible in the first page of e-mail. Thank you!

Potions and Snitches Groups may be in moderated status for the first week or two after the book comes out.

The shoutbox on the archive will be closed, but news items will be open, and members will be able to leave comments.

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