May 30th, 2007

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  • jan_aq

Interview with Arualcopia!

Arualcopia is a newer Harry Potter writer, first posting her story "Harry Potter and the Ferratilis Potion" in 2006. She has written two other P&S stories, the multi-chaptered WIP "A Potions Accident", and the one-shot "Braving Spiders".

On the Potions and Snitches archive Top Ten Lists, "Harry Potter and the Ferratilis Potion" is listed fourth on the Most Reviewed Stories, third on Most Favorite Stories, and is also listed on the Longest and Most Read Stories.

Arualcopia herself is listed on both of the lists of Most Favorite Authors, and Most Prolific Reviewers.

(Potions and Snitches Fiction Stats Page)

rowenanienna conducted the interview.

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