May 21st, 2007

HOL, Ravenclaw, Hogwarts
  • jan_aq

Interview with Chips Challenge!

Chips Challenge, also known as audiaa, is a long time Harry Potter writer since 1999, with such fics as "The Talisman".

She currently has the largest series on the Potions and Snitches archive, comprising 5 stories. She is listed first on the Most Favorite Series page, and has tied for 7th place as one of the Most Prolific Authors. She is the coadministrator of Panic Parables, which is a Harry Potter angst fanfiction community with a yahoo group, and a livejournal community panicparables. She also owns the yahoo group chips_chplwoa.

starangel2106 conducted the interview.

Starangel: Hi Chippy, thank you for taking the time to talk with me today for the interview.

*How did you become involved in the Harry Potter Fandom and how long have you been in the fandom?

I wrote my first Harry Potter fic in November of 1999Collapse )

You can find Chips Challenge's Potions and Snitches profile here.