May 20th, 2007

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Weekend update!

Reviews Changes

Based on the comments on the last news item, I have decided to keep frog ratings hidden for individual chapters, and to disallow rating only reviews. This is to avoid any rating abuse by authors on their own stories, and others, and to hopefully encourage more honest ratings throughout the site.

You will no longer be able to leave rating only reviews. Old rating only reviews will still be counted, however.

Please give an extra effort to review and rate stories now! Thank you!



Special thanks to Tammy, who created the LordV skin! It was created for users with higher resolutions. You can view it here.

To change the skin you use when logged in, go to your Account Info, Edit Preferences. The skin selection is last on the list. :)


Icon/Avatar in your profile page!

Did you know that members on Potions and Snitches can have an image in their profile? Well you can! :) All you have to do, is upload a picture, preferably 100 x 100 pizels in size, somwhere online ( is a good place to start). Then, login to Potions and Snitches and Edit your Bio. Where is says "Pic url online:" paste the url of your image! Then click "Submit" and you should be good to go! Don't forget to check your profile afterwards to make sure that everything works! You should be able to find yourself in the Member/Author list.

Here's an example of a pic in the profile.

Please be aware that if you post anything inappropriate, or against the P&S rules as an image, your account will be suspended.

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Please thank the writers with a review! Don't forget to rate honestly!