May 13th, 2007

HOL, Ravenclaw, Hogwarts
  • jan_aq

Weekend update!

Hidden Frog Ratings

Frog Ratings on individual reviews have now been hidden temporarily. This is in hopes that more people will be comfortable leaving honest ratings with their reviews. It seems that ratings are used either anonymously to leave very bad ratings, or used as a reward by giving full scores. While rating an enjoyable story with a perfect score is good, if everyone leaves full scores on every story it defeats the purpose of the rating system.

Please leave your comments on the news item about this on the site. Would you rate differently if the ratings were hidden? Are you an author who just really needs to know the ratings you recieved?

This is just a test for now, but according to the feedback we may adopt it permamently, or not. Please be aware that moderators can still view individual rating scores. Remember that "rating only" reviews can still be left, so chapter ratings may reflect more reviews than shown. Story and chapter cumulative ratings are still visible.

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