April 1st, 2007

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Weekend update!

Author Interviews!

We are currently setting up some interviews for the authors of Potions and Snitches. The time to ask questions for the first four authors is now past. :) Hopefully they will be out soon, please stay tuned!


Nominate a Featured story!

It's time for some new Featured stories! The three stories with the most nominations posted on the latest news item on the archive will be featured! :)

Each member may nominate up to three seperate stories. If you post more than that, only the first three will be counted. You must be logged-in to comment with a nomination. No users signed up after the date of this post will be counted. Please list both story and author. The stories must be located on this site. The deadline is April 7.

Good luck authors!

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Don't forget to thank the writers - review!