May 1st, 2006

Shoot Him!

Fan comic archives?

I'm hoping this might be related. I did read the profile for rules and didn't see any 'story-related posts only' rule, so I apologize if this is out of line.

I'm working on a Snape-centric HP fan comic. I's eighteen pages long so far and I'm planning to make it a good manga-series length by the time it's finished. If it starts turning out good enough, I'm thinking about maybe posting it up somewhere on the net, but I have no idea where. Comicgenesis, for instance, only accepts original works, and all of the fan archives I've found are for fanfiction only (makes sense--thousands of words take up way less room than thousands of pixels!)

So, I'm wondering if anyone here could possibly point me somewhere or offer up suggestions. Again, I do apologize if this post is off-topic or obtrusive.
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