March 17th, 2006

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New: Fiction Stats and Random

Hey everyone! :)

This week two things have been added to the P&S fanfiction archive: Fiction Stats and Random.

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We also now have a "Random" link that will bring you to a random story in the archive. Test it out and you may find a gem of a story that you otherwise would have overlooked! I've already found 2 just trying it out!

A very special thanks to Swing of "Sink Into Your Eyes" (that's a Harry/Ginny site) for making these things possible and helping to set it up! Thank you!

Please look to review the stories listed on the "Least Reviewed List", that's the reason why I added that one in, in hopes that readers might target them to read and feedback review. On a related note, check out the top reviewers - it won't take much to get on that list! :) Hopefully the "most prolific" lists will soon calculate by word count and not quantity number, it's on the list of things to do.



Weekend Update: Potions and Snitches

Hello everyone! This is Phantomsgirl04, a prefect from P&S. I hope you all have had a great week-I'm on Spring Break from University, and I have had a nice holiday. I hope you all get a chance to take some time off to participate in our First Annual Potions and Snitches Fic Fest, which will officially close on March 31st. We have seen many wonderful fics from the start of the challenge, and we hope to see more before the end! So get out there and write! *grins* And how did we like the special features of the GoF movie? Were the deleted scenes and extra goodies worth the purchase of the two disc special addition? What were your favorite scenes? Sounds like a couple of great ideas for some forum topics...

I am here for the WEEKEND UPDATE at Potions and Snitches, since our fearless leader Jan is without Internet for the weekend.

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