February 14th, 2006

Ficlet fest Entry

Title: Reasonable Risk
Author: Linden Winter
Beta: None, but if you find a mistake, tell me ;)
Category: "Tickle Me Pink"
Pairing(s)(if any): Harry/Ginny
Word Count: 415
Summary: Though he was the one who explained the rules, Harry realises he didn't understand all the risks involved in playing Spin the Bottle on Valentine's Day.
Author's Notes: My first ever "romantic" fic of any sort. I don't even like fluffy romance, but here it is, if only for Valentine's Day. You can pick when this fic takes place, but it seems to fit quite well into Harry's sixth year.

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EDIT: 2:55pm - Just added a sentence to the ending because I realised it was missing something. Fixed the itallics too, because they weren't showing up. All done now :D
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