January 31st, 2006

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"Dragon Dreams" (Harry/Draco, PG-13)

Title: "Dragon Dreams"
A Harry Potter fairy tale based on "Sleeping Beauty," "Sun, Moon and Talia," "The Young Slave," "Beauty and the Beast" and Greek mythology.
Author: lilian_cho
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Harry/Draco (Snape's the "good fairy" here. He will play a bigger role in the sequel)
Beta: saerrabbande, somigliana
Britpicker: underlucius
Warning: AU!Book Two through Seven, some gore
Length: 8,777 words

Summary: When the Malfoys forgot to invite the Dark Lord to their son's twelfth birthday party, he cursed Draco to prick his hand on a broom splinter and die. A year later, Harry Potter found himself having a strange dream...

THERE was formerly a pure-blood couple reigning over Slytherin House, who, upon the completion of their studies, formed an advantageous match with their parents' approval. It was a turbulent time, and so they were not sorry at all that they had no children; on the contrary, they employed charms and potions to ensure their childlessness.

But it happened that once, when the lady was bathing, her potions were tampered with. Perhaps it was his father's parents, unwilling to wait longer for a grandchild. Perhaps it was her husband, acting on the Dark Lord's wishes. The lady kept her suspicions to herself.

And so the lady had a little boy who was so pretty that her husband was torn between joy and despair at his heir's looks. He would say—to anyone whose gaze lingered on his son's pale features—that the little boy would surely grow into his Malfoy features.

Autumn 1991

Harry Potter was not impressed by Draco Malfoy’s looks, but the young saviour of the Wizarding world did pay the Malfoy heir greater attention than he did anyone outside Gryffindor House. After his second encounter with the boy, Harry found himself having a strange dream.

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