December 1st, 2005

HOL, Ravenclaw, Hogwarts
  • jan_aq

Archive Upgraded!!

You may or may not have noticed, but last month, the Potions and Snitches archive was upgraded to a newer script with lots more features! I've put off announcing it until now because it was an "in-progress" upgrade. XD We've got most of the bugs and skins worked out now. Lots of things are new or different so log in and check it out!

We also moved the location of the archive from /efiction1.1 to /fanfiction so update your bookmarks! Remember to link to the entrance page.

As well some changes on the archive there are also some changes on the forum, mainly about how we'll handle Featured stories. From now on instead of a moderator just picking whatever story to be Featured, all members can nominate a story to be discussed and voted on in the Stories area of the forum.
As well, the Stories subforum has been consolidated to deal with Story Recs, Story Discussion, Nominate Featured stories and Graduate C2 fics.

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I understand that some of the new things and new format of things may seem different at first. Please just try to become familiar with them. If you are having problems with anything, or find any bugs, please let us know. There is a page in the main menu that will take you to the complete menu and see some of these Features, like the Tens and Featured. Just click on the "More" link.

We are still working on adding:

    -Story and Chapter hit counters

    -List of your reviews so you can see the responses

Chocolate frogs and enjoy!