October 26th, 2005

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  • jan_aq

Muggleville: Trick or Treak

Muggleville: Trick or Treat
by Jan_AQ

Rated K+ PG
5,500 words

For the Halloween Challenge Fest Thingy :)

This is a story set place in the Muggleville universe, if our characters had stayed as long as Halloween. Kind of a stand alone piece set in an alternate future. All you have to know is that Harry is deaged to 6, has all his memories and they are living in a house in America, posing as father and son. And there’s an OC posing as Harry’s mother, just cameos this time.

Dedicated to my pals Nigel and Avatar, and to all my wonderful Muggleville readers.

You can alternately read it on P&S

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