September 21st, 2005


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Title: The Painful Guardianship
Author(s): dinasamirs
Rating: T
Chapters (or # of Words): Fourteen (59260)
Frogs: 5
Summary: AU Finally Snape and Harry get to the “bottom” of things. A Snape adopts Harry Fic. The story starts by the end of POA and takes over from there. Contains spoilers to GOF and Ootp. The story involves spanking of childrenteens.

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Title: Innocence Lost
Author(s): CBeMe
Rating: T
Chapters (or # of Words): Two (9533)
Frogs: 3
Summary: Years ago a child was born. As the second son, the destiny he desired was denied him. Join Harry in a fight for the future of the wizarding world in which Voldemort is only one of the dangers. Manipulative Dumbledore, brother Snape, powerful Harry.

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