September 16th, 2005


Bubble Gum Jellybean

Title: Dumbledore's Men
Author(s): Jocelyn
Rating: K+
Chapters (or # of Words): Two (5905)
Frogs: 3 for now

Summary: Sequel to Duel. Contains HPB Spoilers. Ch.1: Flight: After the war, the two men most loyal to Dumbledore flee wizarding Britain, each driven by his loss and rage...and his hate toward the other for the role he played in the loss of one they both loved.

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Earwax Jellybean

Title: Somewhere I Belong III
Author(s): shadowarwen
Rating: T
Chapters (or # of Words): Three (19765)
Frogs: 5

Summary: Summer after fifth year...Harry's living with his father, Severus, dealing with awful nightmares, his friends, Draco, and a growing threat. Harry's in for a very full summer. (ha one w/o HBP spoilers...funny I don't read most out there honestly!)

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Grass Jellybean

Title: Broken Mind, Fractured Soul
Author: SensiblyTainted
Rating: M
Chapters: 16
Summary: What if there was a darker truth hidden in Harry's story? Summer before third year, Harry begins to question his memory blanks. What happens when he finds himself before Snape for help? [includes mentor Severus, MPD, child abuse, protective Remus]