August 25th, 2005

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Fic: Chortwol

So I can't expect anyone to post bits of stories that they are working on if I don't do so myself. XD Even though I told myself I couldn't post anything until 20 chapters of Muggleville are out, this doesn't really count, right? Right?

This is such a first draft, I didn't even proof read and I didn't use Word so I didn't have spell check so keep that in mind, but mention mistakes so I can fix em. :)

Working Title: Chortwol, or "Chasing Harry" or "Catching Harry on the run without leave" (yes I know the "r" and "t" are mixed up but you can't say "Chotrwol", maybe "Chotarwol"?) Any better suggestions? I need one...

Rating: Teens, PG13, rated for some disturbing imagery and future mind games and manipulation. I don't think it's pushing R but the uh first scene is a little icky. May want to stay away from that part if you don't like icky.

Summary: AU. After defeating Voldemort, the boy wonder has gone missing by choice. Who leads the investigation of finding him? Snape.

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