July 26th, 2005

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Icons for HBP!!

I've got more icons made. Nearly all of them are lj-sized: 100pixels by 100pixels.

They are all available at: http://www.pix8.net/pro/album_folder.php?u_id=9490oLHe1&f_id=20571 I didn't have time to post them all in lj, so I'll give the direct link to all the icons that I have now and will have in the future.

Warning: The icons contain spoilers for HBP!

As a reminder, please feel free to take icons, but please save them to your own computer and upload them from there, because I have limited bandwidth and I need to be able to use it for my pictures. Also, be sure and credit me if you use an icon and a comment here telling me which ones you're taking would also be appreciated!

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