July 12th, 2005

Antiquity's Corollary

"Lily begged me never to tell you what happened," Dumbledore continued, "and I didn't want to cause you furthur pain." ...The past is meant to be left behind... unless it affects the future.

There are many questions as to what lies ahead for Harry, but of all the scenarios he would have imagined, he never expected this one. When Severus is forced to confront the pain he had forever buried, will he be able to move past it for Harry's sake? Will either one of them want him to?

Title: Antiquity's Corollary
Author: Gonnabefamous
Characters: Snape, Harry, Dumbledore...
Rating: Teens- violence, moderate language, mature themes
Warnings: After ootp
Type: Severitus/Sevitus Challenge- Snape is Harry's father; may not meet all the requirements of a Severitus Challenge
Chapters: 14 posted (19 written, 17 of which have been beta'd.)

Hi there! I'm new to this community, Jan_AQ informed me about it. I've been working on this fic for a while now; I've been writing the outline since January. I recently asked two people to start doing Beta work, which they have, so it's gotten a little easier lately. If you review at the site, you can find a response at my livejournal page, usually posted directly after each update. I try to update frequently, but writer's block and lack of motivation occasionally intervene. I intend it to be quite lengthy by the end- sixth year will conclude around chapter 38 and I would like to continue through seventh.

Anything else you want to know is posted in my author's notes at the end of each chapter (except for in chapter 1, where they are at the beginning.)

The link is above if you'd like to check it out :)

Have a wonderful day!
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