June 22nd, 2005

HOL, Ravenclaw, Hogwarts
  • jan_aq

June chat

Since that last weekend in June is so early, and because the publication of HBP is so soon, the chat this month will be pushed back to July 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Please come and share the excitement! Be ready to talk about your theories and predictions of the next book!

The chatting hours are shorter this month. I'll be trying to install the flash chat for one of the days. If you guys would like to have one of these chats on AIM or some other place besides the chat room, just let me know and we'll vote. :)

(EST is New York time and -5 from London time)

Friday, July 1
9pm EST - 10 pm EST

Saturday, July 2
3pm EST - 5pm EST

Sunday, July 3
7pm EST - 8 pm EST

As always, you will be able to find the information about the chat and location here:

July's chat WILL be held as normal, at the end of the month, but we expect that everyone will be wanting to talk about the latest book right away so it will be spoiler filled! Don't come to that one unless you don't mind!

Chocolate frogs and hope to see you there,