June 4th, 2005


Severitus almost cannon?

Nah... but!

I've just been reading the confirmed facts/spoilers on Harry Potter and the Half Blood prince and there where some comments that made what occurs in the Severitus challenge seem very possible. For instance (and these are directly off the site. I'll put the link at the bottom.):

In books 6 and 7 we will find out why Dumbledore trusts Snape.

JK has said that giving away the form of Snape's boggart and patronus says too much. We'll definitely find out what Snape's worst fear is, and it'll be important.

It's very important in the plot that Harry has his mother's eyes, and that her wand was very good for charms.

Harry's parents' profession will be a big part of the plot.

Something HUGE will be revealed about Lily Potter.

And here's the link. I only put relevant points in. Go make your own decision :)

P.S I aplologize if this shouldn't be here. I just thought it would be of interest to everyone :)


EDIT: had to fix the link.
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